A range of liquid wheat, rye, barley and naturally fermented sourdoughs.

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Our own unique range of natural sourdoughs with enhanced natural flavours.

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As the name suggests, Silkgrain comprises of a whole range of softened and sprouted grains.

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Spelt, rye, oat and barley grains, chia seeds and many more besides, all softened and soaked for easy processing and a moist, fresh crumb.

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Who are Zeelandia?

Zeelandia is a Dutch Bakery Ingredients manufacturer established in Holland in 1900. The UK division was established in 1956 and global operations are now present in over 25 countries.

The product range incorporates a wide variety of bakery ingredients including bread mixes and concentrates, sweet doughs, release agents and custard mixes to name a few.

The company offers a wide range of bakery ingredients to the industrial, craft and in-store bakery sectors along with first class technical and engineering expertise. Our technical and engineering department provides a full range of services from product advice through to the creation of tailor made developments and solutions.

Zeelandia’s Taste and Texture Experience Centre (TTEC) has created a revolutionary range of products including softened grains, sprouted grains, sourdoughs and a unique combination of fermented fruit puree and sourdough, with the potential to revolutionise your sales.

The revolution has already begun in Europe where it has enjoyed huge sales for customers who have embraced Zeelandia’s latest innovations in sprouted and softened grain technology.

Now it’s here, in the UK and Ireland.

Discover a world of endless possibilities